Focused Engaged Workforce Consultant,
Sustainable Efficiency, Effectiveness and Productivity


“Is your company looking to create a more focused and profitable workforce environment?

Are you ready to maximize your productivity and increase the bottom line?

Pat Heydlauff can take you there.

Using her consulting skills, Pat Heydlauff is often asked by organizations to come inside their organizational environment and operations to help them with the engagement and “flow of focus” of their workforce. Her Focused Engaged Workforce Consultations are designed to assist leadership and senior level management build a workplace environment that engages and harnesses the “flow of focus” in their workforce where productivity and profitability should be their No. 1 goal.

Even the most motivated leaders and managers are often forced to put aside their need for upgrading the organization’s potential while dealing with more pressing issues. Pat guides them through her proven Engage process of building an engaged focused workforce.

Consultations are a collaborative effort, involving client personnel and resources along with the transfer of strategies and skills to the client. She works with the client’s specific objectives, outcomes and timing. Her results show that improved performance, productivity and profitability are directly related to the engaged focused talents of the workforce, resources and existing energy already present.

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“Productivity comes from the alignment of the energy in your surroundings and thoughts with your goals and objectives.