Focused Engaged Workforce Presentations and Training Programs for Corporate Events, Association Meetings and Conventions

Pat offers the following business and leadership programs. Select from her high content presentations for decision makers and influence leaders seeking a strategic advantage and a groundbreaking “flow of focus” approach to leadership.  All presentations can be customized for your specific needs of topic and length of program.

1. Engagement 3.0: Creating the Focused & Profitable Workforce

Create a workforce environment where employees are focused, encouraged, inspired, empowered and appreciated so they voluntarily buy-in raising their productivity, improving their performance, reducing stress and look forward to coming to work. The Orbital Look at a corporation – spatial, verbal, mental and emotional.

  • Learn how to use the flow of focus in the physical environment as a strategic advantage
  • Develop a flow of communications – get off the soapbox to engage
  • Create a flow of connection – implant the vision of CEO into the heart of the worker
  • Develop a flow of time – do the important vs. the urgent
  • Implement employee recognition and appreciate – result is buy-in
  • Instill a flow of regeneration for leadership so they can be innovative and pass that onto employees while controlling stress
  • Implement sustainability by eliminating resistance to change

2. Essentials to Eliminate Distractions & Fuel Employee Productivity

The workforce environment either enhances the employees’ focus and productivity or is an obstacle. Changing the dynamics of your workforce environment by eliminating distractions and chaos leads to a more efficient, effective and productive employee.

  • Create workforce environments for maximum engagement, focus and productivity
  • Eliminate energy-drainers that distract
  • Organize for efficiency
  • Apply organization and distraction principles to electronics and equipment
  • Use color and design to change the workplace experience and improve the outcome
  • Shift the flow of focus to improve engagement, self-motivation, enthusiasm, productivity and ROI

3. The Big Picture: How to Focus Distracted Agendas

Given the diversity in age and social communication and connection of the employee population, consistent communication is getting harder.  Develop an orbital flow of communications and interpersonal connections for leadership and the workforce so know that the message is being heard as intended while creating workforce buy-in. Not only does this lead to profitability but create focused engagement which leads to innovation.

  • Eliminate soapbox communications – create an orbital flow to get feedback
  • Creating audible, kinesthetic, visual ways of communicating
  • Create an internal Social Network to improve communications and relations
  • Have Management connect face to face with the workforce or create regular C Suite internal messaging – provide for a private flow of messaging back
  • Locate management strategically within the workforce
  • Develop strategies to help the workforce understand why they are doing what they are doing and how it is connected to the outcome
  • Improve connection and engagement – value employees – acknowledge and appreciate them – they matter and want to know it
  • create a corporate vision that ignites your workforce

4. Laser Focus: 7 Strategies to Manage Interruptions and Maximize Productivity

When you are in control of the flow of your time, it brings you balance so you can better discern how to prioritize your time. You will be more efficient and effective which yields peak performance.

  • Create focus time and focus space
  • Manage your calendar don’t let it manage you
  • Control/Limit distractions and interruptions – both physical and electronic
  • Learn the benefits of prioritizing time – doing the important versus urgent
  • Create interruption appointment windows and collaboration time – everyone will be more engaged
  • Create time balance – learn to Evaluate what to delegate or streamline – you will be more focused, maximize productivity and reduce stress
  • Make room for self-motivation – the essential strategy to maximize leadership performance

5. Innovate: 6 Ways to Avoid Corporate Burn-out and Create a Fired-up Team

Regenerate leadership so innovation flows through the workforce – leadership can’t change the workforce environment and productivity if they don’t change themselves first. Energy follows focus and thinking. Engaged leaders lead by example.

  • Regenerate to provide a flow of creativity to solve problems and innovate
  • Regenerate to create a calmer workforce – lowers stress levels
  • Regenerate to refuel – it’s not enough just to workout / physical activity
  • Regenerate to eliminate emotional  and mental burnout
  • Regenerate to connect with creativity and innovation – it takes more than knowledge and sport
  • Regenerate employees with in-house mini creativity sessions for employees to lesson stress, improve engagement and ROI

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Has leadership’s passion, innovation and communication been unconnected and you can’t seem to find the “on” switch to empowering the “flow of focus” in your workforce? Pat suggests you may want to consider one of the following for your organization!

Platinum Level
Program Includes

• Any above leadership program
•  Copies of Pat’s book Engage, Unleash the Power of Focus for up to 150 attendees. (Extra books may be purchased at a discount depending upon total quantity ordered)
•  Site visit within 90 days of program completion. This will be a workshop covering new strategy implementation as well as any questions the group may have

Gold Level
Program Includes

• Any above leadership program
• Copies of Pat’s book Engage,Unleash the Power of Focus for up to 150 attendees. (Extra books may be purchased at a discount depending upon total quantity ordered)
• Teleseminar to take place within 90 days of program completion. This teleseminar will be available to any attendees as a follow up and to answer questions

Silver Level
Program Includes

• Any above leadership program
• Copies of Pat’s book Engage,Unleash the Power of Focus for up to 150 attendees. (Extra books may be purchased at a discount depending upon total quantity ordered)

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“We live in a world with cement cities, sound pollution and impersonal high technology – don’t just be in constant contact, engage to make meaningful connections.”