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Unleash the power of a focused engaged audience by booking Pat Heydlauff for your next event. Her high content “inside experience” programs will inform and inspire attendees and meet your specific event needs.

Pat helps them understand how to build workplace environments that inspire and motivate the workforce increasing productivity, how to create engaged communications that result in improved performance and how to create an org charts that leads to sustainable profitability in the twenty-first century. Check out Pat’s interviews and amateur video below. A professional video is coming soon. 


Audio Exerps from the Florida Association of Realtors
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Audio Exerps from Office Professional Part 1
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Audio Exerps from Office Professional Part 2
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Pat’s Pearls from the NSA Convention

Florida Speakers Association member, Pat Heydlauff share some of her takeaways from this year’s NSA Convention.

Pat Heydlauff Feng Shui Speaker

Pat Heydlauff is a motivational and inspirational speaker specializing in the use of Feng Shui principles and positive energy. She is a return speaker two years in a row for the Florida Association of Realtors in Orlando. Her two realtor focused seminars are “Feng Shui for Realtors, How to Sell in This Economy” and “Leaders that Lead, Effective Tools for Management that increase Productivity and Profitability.”

“Think little about problems, much about solutions – it will change your life.”