What Clients have to say about Pat’s Speaking, Consulting and Writing

  • CharleneAnnNelson.com / charbites.com
    “I have a home office, which is great, but I was feeling challenged.  I felt unproductive and unfocused during my work day and in the evening, my home felt like an office!  My work requires creativity and innovation and I was finding it very difficult to be either. Pat’s insights into my work/living space and her suggested changes have made a tremendous positive impact. I am more energized, I am able to focus, and I feel more creative throughout the day. Pat’s ideas and suggestions were brilliant and easy to implement. I now have a space that fosters the energy I need to be creative and innovative, while at the same time, providing a space to relax and unwind at the end of my work day.”….CharleneAnnNelson.com / charbites.com
  • Jeannette Bliss, Past President, JTHS Association of Realtors
    bliss“The positive energy concepts you shared at our Board of Director’s meeting created a cohesive direction to follow plus provided us a new thought process for innovative thinking and strategic planning. You helped us align our goals and objectives as a board so we could develop new member growth while energizing existing member participation.” …. Jeannette Bliss, Past President, JTHS Association of Realtors

  • Sandra H. Kaplan, President Bravo Promotional Products, Inc.
    “We are at our new Bravo KB Home – working on putting all the positive energy in place.  Have my Good Luck Bamboo, The light is always on in the file room even have a night light there when we are home; Mirror is up, some of the pictures also.  Window treatment should be installed next week.  Also have to pick-up my fountain but water items are in that area.  Putting in long hours to try and get the showroom and office in place. Sending you appreciation for all your positive energy at Bravo – the clients are loving it!!!”…. Sandra H. Kaplan, President Bravo Promotional Products, Inc.
  • Arline Kiselewski, PBG Travel
    “Great article…another enjoyable read with good, positive ideas. And Congratulations on being in Success magazine…I will check it out.  Thanks for including me in your newsletter list to receive your articles.  I don’t twitter or text but I do enjoy email!!!  Good luck with your new book…you are inspiring!”…. Arline Kiselewski, PBG Travel
  • Steve Walker, Attorney
    “I mentioned to my wife on a few occasions that I felt like my office was overwhelming my work productivity. For my birthday, she gave me the answer – a consultation with Pat Heydlauff. Pat listened and understood my frustrations and my needs. She followed-up our meeting with a detailed analysis of my office and a plan of action. And, most importantly, I followed-up with her recommendations. Within a few weeks I was working more effectively and efficiently, and therefore so was my staff. My client base has continued to expand because I have the time to develop those relationships. After my office was repainted, I pulled out Pat’s report to make sure everything was back in its place as she had suggested. I’m not sure I understand all the aspects of Feng Shui, but I do know that Pat’s efforts created positive results!”…. Steve Walker, Attorney
  • Angela Frisby, Past President Women’s Wellness, Founder of Eve
    I have received the most wonderful feedback from your presentation.  You are the best speaker we have had!  Thank you so much for everything you provided to us, we truly appreciate it! You gave us so much and your message was absolutely wonderful!”…. Angela Frisby, Past President Women’s Wellness, Founder of Eve
  • Joan Alipo, Past President, JTHS Association of Realtors, District 3 DVP NAR
    “The results speak for themselves. Our JTHS Board meeting was a great success thanks to Pat’s very energizing results oriented presentation. I went on to energize my personal life by making sure positive energy found me using some of the colorful energizers she recommended. Since her presentations I have had offers on properties and closings in a difficult market.”….Joan Alipo, Past President, JTHS Association of Realtors, District 3 DVP NAR

“If change is your worst enemy then change is your best solution.”