Pat Heydlauff, Focused Engaged Workforce Expert

A non-profit industry veteran, Pat Heydlauff is a pioneer “flow of focus” organizational environment and leadership strategist. As CEO, her focus on innovation and increasing member and Board engagement resulted in:

  •  Stabilizing and increasing revenue streams

  • Turning around an ailing industry association where membership and leadership were actively engaged but not always focusedon a unified result

  • Increasing revenue 300% in less than five years

  • Bringing together stakeholders with entrenched agendas by managing their focus

Turning around an ailing non-profit taught Pat that engagement can be used against your organization unless it is focused on united goals.

Pat’s passion is to empower organizations to build and strengthen their existing workplace environments so that focused engagement is unleashed increasing productivity, performance and profitability. She believes that a bold leadership roadmap to the future unleashes and harnesses the “flow of focus” within the workplace environment. An engaged workforce needs to be a focused workforce. They are always focused on something; she just wants them focused on the results you want.

Pat’s work has been featured in newspapers and magazines including: Inside Supply Management, Success Magazine, EHS Today and Personal Excellence.  She is certified in Organization Management from the Institute for Organization Management, is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy, uses the Disney Approach to Creative Leadership and is an Expert in the field of Feng Shui principles.

Today, in addition to her writing and speaking, she oversees the business development of Energy Design, a company dedicated to building engaged focused workforce environments. Let Pat teach you how to take advantage of the “flow of focus” in your

“Success is knowing that you’ve accomplished what you have set out to accomplish.”

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