Besides organizational leadership, employee satisfaction, productivity, and work/life balance, does Pat speak on other topics?
Answer: Pat’s expertise lies in these specific areas and how to create a workplace or personal anxiety-free in control environment that improves focus and balance. Her audiences usually are but not limited to the business community, the real estate industry and women’s organizations. If you need another topic that might fit with her expertise, please contact her. If not, she will try to help by making some suggestions of others to contact.

Who should hire Pat Heydlauff?
Answer: Anyone who is interested in enabled, encouraged and involved employees and creating a workplace environment that will meet their business needs for improved productivity, employee satisfaction and profitability. Or people who want to create a personal environment where they are in control, anxiety-free and confident.

Why should we hire Pat Heydlauff?
Answer: Pat speaks from experience. She is the ultimate professional, handling all situations where your organization and its challenges are just as important as making sure the content of her programs will encourage, enable and involve everyone who participates.

Pat has been in business over twenty-five years. Prior to her speaking and consulting practice, she worked in the not-for-profit industry as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Nutritional Foods Association and in private business. She has been speaking and consulting for over ten years.

Her clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, boards of directors, associations and people seeking to improve focus, productivity and balance. She constantly strives to insure that her programs are relevant and meaningful to her audiences.

All of her high-content programs can be used as a breakout or workshop; and some will also make great keynotes. Pat has also served as an expert panel member.

Are Feng Shui principles woven into her leadership programs – if yes, why should I care about Feng Shui?
Answer: If you care about improving productivity, focus and balance you should care about Feng Shui. Using its principles to eliminate negative energy drainers from your life or business and replacing them with vital new energy improves productivity, creativity and prosperity.

Highly successful people like Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Oprah, and Steven Spielberg, along with some of the largest companies in the world such as Coca-Cola, Sony, Shell, Procter & Gamble, Citibank and Fortune 500 names like Chase Asia, Paine Webber and McKinsey and Company, actively embrace Feng Shui as a necessary part of their business practices.

How long are her programs?
Answer: All of Pat’s programs can be presented in a short (45 minutes) long (3 hour) or keynote session. They are appropriate for in-house staff trainings, breakout sessions at conferences or CEO Think Tanks. Pat can also help you plan a full day training program by combining programs to fit the format for which you are looking.

Does Pat ever do multiple programs at a conference?
Answer: The most popular request is for Pat to do a Keynote and then one or two breakout sessions during the conference. She will participate in panel discussions. There is also the option of a Pre-conference session that can be a money maker for the association.

Does Pat care how many people are in her audience for each session?
Answer: Pat provides programs for groups ranging from 10 to several hundred. It depends on the material to be covered. Some topics are more conducive to large groups and some are better for smaller groups. Some groups have Pat repeat a session so more people can attend the program; one group can come in the morning session and then the program is repeated for the next group in the afternoon. Class sizes are best at 25-30 but Pat can accommodate larger groups if needed.

Does Pat provide training on evenings and weekends?
Answer: Yes! Pat finds it very helpful to offer a variety of timeframes for her programs. She is very flexible in this respect and will accommodate your specific needs.

What is the payment schedule for Pat’s engagements?
Answer: To confirm the date, 50% of the total fee investment is required. That date will be taken off hold after the deposit is received. Balance of the fee is due at the time of engagement. Travel expenses are billed directly following the engagement.

What costs are involved in travel arrangements?
Answer: Pat’s travel expenses include round-trip coach airfare from West Palm Beach Airport, lodging, ground transportation, airport parking and a per Diem allowance for meals not provided by the client. Pat bills the client following the engagement for these expenses. Hotel arrangements are to be secured and directly billed to the client whenever possible.

What kind of audiovisual equipment does Pat need?
Answer: Pat will provide you with an audio-visual request in writing prior to the event. Typically, she needs an LCD projector and screen. Every audience has visual learners, and she likes to insure that she is serving everyone in the audience.

She prefers sending you her PowerPoint presentation handout in advance for printing and use your computer and projection equipment. This will insure all runs smoothly. Since her programs are protected by copyright, she asks that you do not copy and/or distribute the program to others without written permission.

Does Pat work with bureaus or agents?
Answer: Pat is happy to partner with bureaus and agents. Further, she will do her part to promote the bureau or agent to the client and try to get additional, spin off business.

Does Pat ever waive her fee?
Answer: Yes. Pat will waive her fee for several programs each year. She tries to do ten. If her calendar is full for this year, you may apply for next year. These programs may be for businesses, corporations, and non-profits. Since her business is “for profit,” she can only do a certain number each year.

She works just as hard on these programs. Therefore, she will insist that they are handled just as a paid presentation would be handled.

In order for her to agree to waive her fee, certain restrictions may apply. Give her a call so you can discuss the details. If the program is out of town, all travel expenses must be covered by your organization.

What kind of values does your company reflect?
Answer: Pat holds herself to the highest of ethical standards and excellence. She believes the quality of her business is a direct result of the quality of her client relationships. She seeks to add value to her clients’ businesses. The best marketing she can do for her business is doing a great job for you every time she works with you