Multi-dimensional Operating Model Increases Sustainability

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Imagine lifting up your workforce and improving your organization’s sustainability in one fell swoop. That is the power of a multi-dimensional operating model.

Leadership and management are about so much more than engagement, finances, productivity and the hundreds of other buzz words prevalent today. So often it is the 147 character leadership tweet of the moment that gets all the attention. Perhaps that tweet will work for you. It may even increase your skills or performance which will help your personal sustainability – but what about the workforce or the organization?

It’s not just what you do or how you lead – it’s also about whether you have set up the environment to help the workforce be more focused on what you want them to focus on and perform better. The workplace environment can enhance what your employees are doing or throw up obstacles. Make your workplace the kind of environment that boosts performance and sustainability.

Focus on Multi-dimensional Leadership

Multi-dimensional leaders build well-run, fiscally responsible, financially profitable businesses around the concept of creating a focus-driven workplace environment so employees can be more engaged and focused on the organization’s goals and objectives, while reducing stress and increasing productivity, profitability and sustainability. You and the workforce spend at least half your waking hours in the workplace, heading to it or from it, so it is important everyone feel involved and empowered while there.

Multi-dimensional leaders know that:

  • how people feel physically, mentally and emotionally when they are working changes their productivity
  • the workplace environment either enhances their focus and productivity or it is an obstacle
  • there is a natural flow to the focus in the workplace; like water, focus flows where it flows and either you take advantage of the flow and control it or you don’t.

An engaged workforce also needs to be a focused workforce. Where their attention goes, productivity or lack thereof follows. Control the flow of focus and you improve all aspects of the business including sustainability. Everything from the workspace, the communications and connection, time management, and personal renewal depends on how well leadership is able to manage the flow of focus of others and themselves.

Controlling and optimizing the flow of focus in your organization establishes a multi-dimensional engaged focused workforce environment where the physical, mental, and emotional energies come together for the greater good of each individual and the company — thus increasing productivity, performance, morale, ROI and sustainability.

Fuel Focus to Move Beyond Engagement

Even the most motivated leaders and managers are often forced to put aside their need for upgrading the organization’s potential while dealing with more pressing issues. This is not one of those times to lose your focus and move to something else. Take a multi-dimensional look at your business today.

As you are aware, when one division or department changes, it impacts the whole. Nothing occurs in a vacuum. For example, there is a natural flow to focus in the workplace environment that moves throughout until distractions and obstacles block it. When that flow is blocked productivity stops and every other aspect of your business is negatively affected.

Evaluate what is standing in the way. Are there outdated methods, historical perspectives (the “we’ve always done it that way” mentality), or even the physical layout of your workplace blocking progress? Is there disorganization, noise pollution, or the lack of a clear, defined, concise goal blocking forward movement? Get others involved in the evaluation, especially the workforce. They will buy into the solution if they take part in creating it. The leader, workforce and organization all win.

Take time for connection and recognition. According to a current report by Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, recognition is the second most desired reward in the workforce. Employees are people and people need to be acknowledged; the sooner the better. Businesses today operate in a complex and distracted world. Getting the attention of the workforce begins by connecting in fast-paced Twitter-crazed world. Keeping their attention focused and not wandering is the most recent addition to an already long list for leadership. Humanizing the relationship between worker and leader goes a long way to maintaining focus.

Regeneration is mandatory. Leaders can rapidly succumb to their high-stress pressure-cooker world. A multi-dimensional operating model mandates that the leader find ways to regenerate and re-create themselves regularly. If not, they will stagnate, even disengage. Steve Jobs used Zen mindfulness meditation to reduce his stress, gain more clarity, and enhance his creativity. Albert Einstein used to tap into what he called “only being,” a field of pure consciousness, of limitless intelligence and creativity. Find that deep inner personal connection within and nurture it.

Leaders need to keep their workers from buying into the day-to-day distractions that keep pulling them apart. We are in a new era and must create a new leadership style based on a multi-dimensional model grounded in sustainability. A focus on improving attention, communication, connection, time, recognition and regeneration is absolutely essential for sustainability.

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Pat Heydlauff, a “flow of focus” expert, speaker and consultant designs workplace environments that fuel the flow of focus, maximizes productivity and yields future sustainability. She is author of the forthcoming book, Focus • Connect • Regenerate 7 Ways to Lead and Fuel Sustainability and published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It, The Way We Go, Your Roadmap to a Better Future and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge. Contact her at 561-408-2708 or


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Pat Heydlauff speaks from experience. She creates environments that engage and focus your workforce. She is the author of the forthcoming book, Engage, Unleash the Power of Focus and published books, Feng Shui, So Easy a Child Can Do It and Selling Your Home with a Competitive Edge, and can be reached at 561-408-2708 or
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