Millennial Workforce Seeks Optimization

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Whether you are a Millennial or work with one or many, there is no turning back. They are now the majority population of the workforce as we continue to see 10,000 Baby Boomers retire per day.

This workforce shift brings a tsunami of change: change in the way the workforce communicates, connects and performs, and if you are in sales, it includes the way you sell to them. What this requires is a change in management skills, leadership strategies, sales strategies and the workplace environment. It’s almost as if the workforce has been catapulted from the ice age into the space age at warp speed — yet the entire infrastructure to support the new workforce is still laboring at ice age speed.

The World of Millennials

Millennials are thought to be: narcissistic, lazy, have contempt for authority, disrespect for their elders and lack job loyalty. Yet in studies like the Deloitte Millennial 2017 survey two out of every three millennials hopes to move on from their current employer , by 2020, which is no different than their Baby Boomer counterparts. In fact it goes on to say that they are becoming even less likely to move on than their predecessors.

For them, the terrorism issues and safety surpass the importance of environmental issues; they look at business as a positive force for change and crave a sense of empowerment in the workplace.

Millennials in the workplace

Millennials crave being self-directed. They want an opportunity to say how the work gets done and the best way to get it done. They want the tools to collaborate, be mobile and be responsible for being efficient and effective. Their objective is often the same as the employer of being more productive, they just have different ways of reaching the same goal. Strategize with your millennial employees to determine what computer applications and real-time experiences are best suited to educate as well as increase productivity. But be sure to review the results regularly to encourage continuous improvement.

Self-improvement is an objective. Millennials want plain talk and support for continued job training to improve skills and techniques that will enhance their progress instead of hindering it. They tend to improve quickly and master anything easily they can do with the aid of technology. They like to collaborate and use conferencing techniques to accomplish large tasks such as the design of a new car, space ship or a complex set of buildings and architecture. Create teams to work on such projects and give them a way to collaborate online for innovating and trouble shooting. It will lower the communication and connection barriers and raise the engagement and performance levels.

Value and purpose matter. Millennials want to feel that their work is meaningful and of value to others. And they want cutting-edge technology that reveals their positive impact on their contributions, which in turn, reinforces their purpose for being there. They want software that helps them understand their connection: why they are needed, what their objectives are and the importance of their results, in terms other than monetary. In
short, they want to feel valued. They are definitely a purpose-driven workforce.

If you are on the sales end of business operations, these same characteristics are also the way to sell to the millennial generation. They look for products that have a purpose, one that helps them improve themselves or can make a difference in either their business or personal lives or that of their family and loved ones. Embrace the change that comes with this new vital generation and you will succeed.

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