Create Business Sustainability with a Super Ordinate Goal

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The fountain of youth for business sustainability lies in the core of their reason for existence, their vision. To drill down further,  it is the super ordinate at the core of the vision that leads to long-term success.

In my article, Super Ordinate Goal Strengthens Businesses,  you will find a number of reasons why the super ordinate goal (SOG) is so important and how to create one. Disney is a great example of how a corporation drills down so far that their COG can be stated in two words. Those two words are so easy to communicate and place everyone on the same page.

SOGs are what give you a competitive edge in the categories of leadership, communications, operations, employee engagement and envisioning the future. A great two or three word SOG that captures who you are, what you are about and can be shared and easily understood by everyone on your team is key to long-term success and sustainability.

The correct super ordinate goal stated simply is one of the keys to sustainable success, employee buy-in and increased profitability. Use these five steps to help you create a roadmap to your super ordinate goal.To read the full article click here.


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