Pat Heydlauff, Focused Engage Workforce Expert


Pat HeydlauffPat Heydlauff has spent the last 25 years designing groundbreaking strategies and developing tools crucial for navigating through the diverse workforce of today.

She is acutely aware of the contributing factors that impact productivity and the bottom line. The age of the workforce has changed and so has social communications. Distractions, disengagement and disrupted focus exist, which Pat has addressed in her unique, groundbreaking Flow of Focus System.

With the ultimate goal to build corporate sustainability, Pat’s Flow of Focus System achieves:

· Increased Productivity

· Improved Efficiency

· Boosted Profitability

Pat increased the bottom line revenue by 300% in less than 5 years as the CEO of the Nutritional Food Industry’s national trade association by creating a strategic road map that increased productivity, innovation and sustainability. With her belief in her groundbreaking Flow of Focus System—including room dynamics of the workplace, communication, connection and control of time – Pat helped turn the Nutritional Food Industry Association around to a thriving organization. The customized flow of focus system will serve to inspire leadership, Board interaction, and employee performance.

Heydlauff, a Palm Beach County, Florida, resident and a member of the Florida Speakers Association, works with medium to large corporations using her 7 Step “Flow of Focus” System that provides a roadmap for leadership, executives, management and the workforce to manage their personal focus, efficiency and effectiveness while improving all aspects of the business. She shares her innovative tools through consultation, programs, and publications; providing industry leaders easy to apply strategies to create a roadmap for improved productivity, sustainability and increased profitability.