Pat Heydlauff is the expert in the field of building engaging workplace environments that unleash your workforce’s flow of focus. Her innovative tools and bold strategies presented in her programs and consultations include the creation of engaging conversational communications and her transformational organization chart – the key to success in the twenty-first century.

Pat doesn’t just paint a pretty picture of the future and work backwards, she works with the what, why and where you are today and provides you the how with bold innovative tools to reach what you envision for your future. Key points covered are:

  • Developing your business soul to better connect with employees and customers

  • Building an encouraging inspiring workplace environment to reduce stress increase job satisfaction

  • Creating a flow of focus that engages your workforce – the result? Productivity, profitability and performance not only grow but are sustainable.

Looking to:
• Increase Productivity
• Improve Efficiency
• Boost Profitability
• Build Corporate Sustainability
Heydlauff offers customized speeches on her Flow of Focus System to suit your company’s needs

Is your company looking to create a more focused and profitable workforce environment? Pat offers actionable strategies through her Flow of Focus System to increase corporate sustainability. 
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Want to learn more about the Flow of Focus System? Pre-Order Pat’s book, “Focus • Connect • Regenerate, 7 Ways to Lead and Fuel Sustainability”. The importance of the workplace environment, both physical and emotional is often overlooked in strategic planning. An engaged focused workforce fuels profitability and sustainability.

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